In most cases, with proper care, a root canal-treated tooth will last a lifetime; but it is not always the case. Occasionally, the tooth may not heal as expected and causes pain even after months and years of root canal treatment. In such cases, the first choice of treatment is to go for retreatment of the root canal.


Why does a tooth fail to heal after RCT?

    • Root canals are complex tooth structures and may have curvatures, narrow lateral and accessory canals, missed canals that were not treated or went undetected during the initial treatment.
    • Canal complexities like calcifications, bifurcations went undetected during the initial treatment.
    • The fillings over the root canals were not placed within time after the RCT procedure.
    • The filling or the crown over the root canal treated tooth could not prevent the seepage of the saliva inside the tooth.

In some cases, new problems can occur in the tooth which was previously treated successfully. The reasons can be:

  • A new carious lesion can lead to the exposure of the root canals causing infection.
  • Cracks in the old filling or cap may lead to infection of the tooth.


How the retreatment is done:

The endodontist reopens the canal and removes the root canal fillings. This may or may not require the removal of the cap. After the reopening, the root canals are inspected for the presence of canal complexities, missed canals or any unusual anatomies. The canals are then shaped, cleaned and filled again. It may be required to give the dressings of different kinds of medications to be kept inside the canals for a few days to months depending upon the severity of infection.

In case the canals cannot be shaped and cleaned properly during the retreatment like in cases of canal blockage or unusual narrow canals or the presence of a broken instrument inside the canal, endodontic surgery is recommended. After the retreatment, the tooth again receives a filling and cap to restore it and protect it.


How much does the Root Canal Treatment cost?

Much like with all our other services, the cost of root canal treatment is highly dependent on a variety of factors and the patient’s requirements. Some patients require slightly more or less work; therefore the cost of our root canal services reflects this. To uncover the cost of root canal treatment please contact our Kharar practice today.

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