A confident smile completes a confident look. But do you feel less confident while smiling? Is it something about your smile that makes you feel less confident? No matter how many haircuts or makeovers you take, you still wish your appearance and smile could be better? Well, you are not alone. There are many people who are not happy with their smiles. They feel self-conscious and less confident. There can be many reasons that make you feel that your smile is less-than-beautiful. It can be because of staining on teeth, crooked teeth, chipped teeth, spacing, irregularly shaped teeth and many more. If you feel self-conscious about your smile, it’s time to consult a dentist who can help you to get a beautiful and confident smile.

A smile makeover can be done with dental veneers in many cases. Here is a small introduction about what are dental veneers and how veneers are done and what to expect.

The first step of smile makeover is consultation with our experienced cosmetic dentists #Dr.Ankur and #Dr.Anjali. A consultation will determine what is the best option for your smile makeover, whether veneers are needed or not and what type of veneers will suit you better. There are different types of veneers available and our dentists will help you to choose the right type of veneers for you after understanding your goals and expectations and answering your questions. We will also tell you about the limitations of the procedure.

Before the procedure, we may also recommend you to go for gum recontouring which helps your smile to appear more even after the dental veneers have been placed.

The second step will be preparing your teeth for dental veneers. Based on the type of the chosen dental veneer, the tooth will be prepared. Composite veneers generally require lesser preparation than porcelain veneers. Mostly the preparation is on the enamel so there is no sensitivity but if you experience any sensitivity or discomfort, you may ask for dental anesthesia. After the preparation, the impression will be made and sent to lab and we will provide you temporary veneers till the time you receive your permanent ones.

In the third step, your new veneers will be bonded onto your teeth with the help of adhesives. We may make a few alterations on the veneers before bonding and check your bite after placing them. The veneer process ends here but we recommend a follow-up visit after a few weeks or months.

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