Prosthetic Dentistry

There are suitable substitutes available that can be used to restore lost or damaged teeth. This area of dentistry is called dental prostheses and primarily helps to fully restore the function of chewing. Dental implants, crowns, veneers and bridges are used for this purpose

At Roots and Crowns, Dental prosthetics are comprised of the following treatments:

  • Restoration of lost teeth
  • Restoration of chipped or broken teeth
  • Strengthening of weak, frail or dead teeth
  • Improvement of the aesthetic tooth appearance

These days, the term tooth restoration is also commonly used than dental prosthetics or dental prostheses. The lost teeth can be replaced by permanent, durable, comfortable and beautiful artificial teeth and moreover, the function of chewing is restored to 100%.

So, at Roots and Crown, we make it possible for you to enjoy food again and smile from ear to ear.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the functions of dental prosthesis?

Dental prosthesis devices replace or repair missing or damaged teeth. They can do much more than improve your smile.

How long do dental prosthetics last?

Dental implants last an average of 25 years. There are many reasons implants may last less than or longer than this average lifespan.

What does prosthetic mean in dentistry?

A dental prosthesis is a dental appliance that replaces a missing tooth or covers up tooth defects.

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