Labomed dental operating microscope

The accuracy and reliability of a dental procedure increases several folds while using a dental operating microscope. It enhances the visibility by increasing the magnification of the operating field. Another option for magnification is dental loupes but they only provide magnification up to 1.5X while a microscope provide magnification up to 4X to 24X and enhance illumination also. The treatment results also become more predictable. The magnified vision helps in better diagnosis as well. With a camera attached to the microscope, you will be able to see your ongoing treatment on the TV screen which can be recorded as well. Microscope is especially helpful in root canal procedures which are usually performed with a basic knowledge of dental pulp and X-ray findings. Magnification provides a display of large part of pulp chamber and parts of root canals that helps in delivering better treatment with more accuracy. Seeing is believing; and believing is knowing. If we can see better, we know better and so we can treat better. Our practice is equipped with Labomed dental operating microscope.

The prima dental microscope gives the power of crystal clear visualization that too in a compact, ergonomic design. It also facilitates 360 degrees of freedom in positioning the microscope, a highly responsive zoom system that provides ideal magnification along with super bright, long-lasting LED illumination. By taking advantage of all these latest and advanced features, we assure that our patients get the best dental treatment. This specialized equipment with the latest advanced technology is also equipped with digital SLR, video camera, and CCD adapters that can be used for digital documentation needs.

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