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Metal free ceramic restorations, as the name suggests, do not have a metal framework. These are extremely strong ceramic materials with excellent optical properties. Aesthetics in contemporary dentistry is partly defined by the patient’s desires for naturalness and harmony. However,

AWARD-WINNING DENTISTS FOR TEETH WHITENING IN KHARAR, PB Everyone wants a bright, sparkling smile. But over time, teeth can become dull and discolored from foods, drinks, medications, aging, and more. Fortunately, Roots & Crown microDentistry’ professional teeth whitening options are

Everyone is fascinated with bright white teeth. If anyone tells you they are totally satisfied with their teeth, believe me, you, they are either lying to you, or lying to themselves, or both. From celebrities to our next-door neighbor all

In most of the cases, with proper care, a root canal treated tooth will last a lifetime; but it is not always the case. Occasionally, the tooth may not heal as expected and causes pain even after months and years

A confident smile completes a confident look. But do you feel less confident while smiling? Is it something about your smile that makes you feel less confident? No matter how many haircuts or makeovers you take, you still wish your

Root canal treatment is a common dental treatment. When the pulp of the tooth is no longer healthy or there is an infection, RCT is the done to save the tooth which otherwise requires extraction. But the very thought of