Best Dentist in Mohali

Best Dentist in Mohali

We often are confused to whether to visit a dentist for a treatment or not, whether if it’s a toothache, yellow teeth, missing teeth etc. The anxiety to visit a dentist is quite common among everyone whether a kid or an adult. This is mostly due to association of dental treatment with the pain, or past bad experiences of dental visits. However we at Roots and Crown microDENTISTry are bound to change this perception of dental treatment. We are the Best Dentist in Mohali, no we don’t say that but our patients claim that. Our reviews and testimonials reflect that, how our patients are happy after wonderful experience in dental clinic.

best dentist in Mohali

Patients often come with aggravated dental pain and other dental problems, and in the same visit go back smiling. Thanks to our Doctors, Dr.Ankur Vats and Dr.Anjali S Vats, their experience and Midas touch work it all. Roots and Crown is an appointment based dentist in Mohali, where only appointed patients are given priority and treated in no rush. It is equipped with latest armamentarium of the dentistry and is upgraded on day to day basis. Every care is taken in sterilization and hygiene, making it the Best Dentist in Mohali.

All treatment related to dentistry are available here like dental fillings, teeth whitening, smile makeovers, root canal treatment, surgeries, braces, invasalign, dental implants etc. Treatment related to facial aesthetics like botox, fillers etc is also available. Our association is with the best dental laboratory of India and abroad, deliver best dental prosthesis and living up to the reputation of best dental clinic in Mohali.

dentist in Mohali

We at Roots and Crown thrive to work really hard to live upto our reputation. We constantly upgrade ourselves to be the Best Dentist in Mohali. Whether procuring latest dental equipment or learning a latest treatment protocol, we try to do it all. Our sole care it to provide best dental care in Mohali at any cost.